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  • mush burgers June 23, 2018
    Good morning everyone we have some mush burgers out there knee-thigh with E winds at 10mph. Swell will build and we will see thigh-waist+ by the end of the day with winds shifting more SE.
    Jamie Kelley
  • Wednesday PM June 20, 2018
    OMG. It is like a POND.   Lake Atlantic.   Wot’s UP wit dat??   It’s as bad as Kelly’s pitching in the 8th last night.
    RI, Narragansett Beaches
  • small and clean June 20, 2018
    Good morning everyone we have some small leftovers today knee-thigh this morning with offshore winds less than 5mph. Wave height will drop to knee high and have an onshore breeze for the afternoon but not strong enough to ruin the waves but to add a little texture.
    Jamie Kelley

1 week ago
Extreme Sports: Surfing the South Shore with Ted Reinstein

Nantasket Beach Northeast Surfing on Chronicle channel 5 news.


Ted Reinstein may not be the next Kelly Slater, but he's giving it all he's got in Hull.

1 week ago

We are on channel 5 Boston now.

2 weeks ago
Photos from Northeast Surfing's post

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1 month ago

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1 month ago

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1 month ago
Northeast Surfing Company Application

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2 months ago
Red Bull Surfing

Cyclone swells are seldom seen in the south-western corner of Australia, but you sure don't want to miss out when they show up.
Filmed by John Respondek, Scotty Hammonds and Tom Jennings

2 months ago

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2 months ago

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