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  • Tuesday AM October 22, 2019
    We still have a solid swell running today. East facing spots are going off at 3-4 feet. Beach and north spots are choppy and 2-3 feet. Waves all day with northeast winds.
    RI, Narragansett Beaches
  • Monday AM October 21, 2019
    Nothing great…but you can ride your log or SLUG today at several locations. Beach is the biggest at 1-3 foot and sloppy. Matunuck is clean and 1-2 feet. North winds are already blowing.
    RI, Narragansett Beaches
  • Wednesday AM October 16, 2019
    Slightly bigger than yesterday, but much more chop in the water. 1-2 feet and you can ride it, but the beach is the only spot that is breaking right now. Too early to tell what is going to happen tomorrow.
    RI, Narragansett Beaches