Interested Employment Return Form

Northeast Surfing/Surf & Scoops. We like to figure out our 2019 budget and how many new staff we will need to hire. If your not interested in coming back we really appreciate your past employment and dedication to our companies.

2019 Employment Requirements: 

  1. You must be at least 16 years old by June 1, 2019 to return.
  2. You must agree to all updated polices below.
  3. Availability? We need at least 90% of our staff available from June 24th, 2019 to September 1, 2019. We must hire at least 90% of our staff to meet this requirement.
  4. Hour Rates? Your hour rate will match your training and experience. 

2019 New and or Updated Polices: Northeast Surfing / Surf & Scoops need to be productive to stay in business. These update polices will allow us to be a better company and work better as a team. If any of these polices are violated a process of discipline by the Office Manager will be enforced. (see police manuals.) These are updated polices. See manual for all our polices. 

  1. No Mobile Phones. There will be no mobile phones allowed on the beaches or in the shops. You may keep your mobile phone in your car at the beach or in the back room at the shops. If management needs you they will call the shop phones. 
  2. Uniform shirts must be worn at all times. 
  3. NO friends or family are to visit you at work unless they are a paying customer. No hanging out in shops or on the beach. 
  4. Time cards must be filled out correctly. Times must match the hours actually scheduled. If you work over or under your scheduled hours a manager must initial your time card or you won’t be paid. 
  5. All company polices in the policy handbook must be followed, Dress code, time and attendance, etc.
  6. If you are calling in sick please call at least two hours before your scheduled shift. Any shift swaps must be approved by management. 
  7. You must attend orientation or you can not work for us. June 8th at 9:00am for both companies. If you want attend do not fill out this form. 

2019 Hours & Shifts:

Northeast Surfing – 1 staff Surf Shop / Ice Cream Shop from 10am to 5pm M-F. 1 Surf Shop Staff 10am – 6pm Saturday & Sunday. CAMPS: 1 lifeguard 10am to 4pm M-F. 1 Camp Director 8:30am to 4:30pm M-F. 3 Surf Instructors 8:30am to 4:00pm M-F. 

Surf & Scoops – 1 Manager 4 Days a week, 1 employee Monday – Thursday. 2 Employees Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Northeast Surfing Employment Return Form

Fill out form below, update any outdated personal information, submit. All returning staff will be reviewed and considered for employment over new applicants. Considerations are based on Northeast Surfing new year budget, prior year losses or gains, staff productivity, and employee reviews. No staff member is guaranteed employment for the same jobs or duties as prior year.

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Returning Interest in our company

We need staff that are able to work flexible hours we need them. We can accommodate days off but this is a weekend and holiday job.