Group Surf and Paddleboarding Outings

We provide group outings on beautiful Nantasket Beach in Hull, Massachusetts. Our summer group outings are all about fun activities, ocean and beach awareness, surf education, and of course surfing. Our adult NSSIA certified surf instructors are all C.P.R. certified, CORI checked, First-Aid trained and are ready to teach your child the basics, or advance their surfing skills while enjoying the ocean. We are NSSIA certified to teach students on multiple levels and experience. We are the only fully accredited surf school in Massachusetts that provides surf instructors within the industry standers.

We provide for small and large groups, Surf Lessons, Paddleboard Tours, Paddleboard Lessons, Parties and Outings. Our experienced surf instructors are CPR trained, NSSIA Certified and our surf programs are designed to focus on a level of surfing beyond what most Surf Schools have to offer.

We can host your Group Outings, any town recreation department, birthday party or your summer camp program. We offer one instructor per every five students, surfboards, paddleboards, wetsuits are included. For children group outings / lessons we allow up to 20 children (per 1 hour 30 min, see below). For adults group outings / lessons we allow up to 12 adults total. 

Ages Groups: Youth are considered ages 7 to 15 years old. Adults are ages 16 and older. Your child has to be able to swim and feel comfortable in the ocean's surf zone.

What we Offer: Everything starts with the basics. In Surfing, nothing beats a good groundwork of fundamental skills. This will make the learning process easier and a lot more fun. Moreover, getting those basics right during the early stages of learning will help improve our student(s) performance, giving our student(s) more confidence before actually riding a wave. We are an educated based surf academy. Northeast Surfing Academy is a fully accredited (NSSIA) surfing academy with actual certified surf instructors. We incorperate fun surf related games and contest, talk about ocean safety and surfing education. Also it is about having FUN.

Group Packages – 10 limit per group as of 2018.

  • Large Group Surfing and Paddleboarding –
  • Group 2 hours – 4 to 5 people $50.00pp
  • Group 2 hours – 6 to 10 people $45.00pp

Please contact us today for more flexible options. Add pizza to your group outing, ask us for details. Group lessons include wetsuits and surfboard. Adults max 10 per session Children max 10 per session.