RI, Newport Beaches

15Jan 2018

Good morning everyone hope everyone scored yesterday and the day before! This morning is back to small scale surf knee high with moderate Offshore winds.

13Jan 2018

Good morning everyone we finally have waves some solid surf out there! This morning it is big anywhere from head high to 3ft overhead with strong S winds 25mph with gusts up to 40mph. Wind will switch around 1pm today and start blowing from the WNW at around 15mph and that will clean the surf […]

12Jan 2018

Good morning everyone we have some pretty choppy waves out there today knee-thigh at the moment with strong S winds at 20mph with gusts up to 30mph. Swell will build throughout the day and wave height will increase to around stomach high but the winds will remain strong from the S. Hopefully better tomorrow!

09Jan 2018

Good afternoon everyone small surf out there again today knee high+ clean with moderate W winds 15mph with gusts close to 30mph. Swell height will stay the same throughout the day.

08Jan 2018

Good morning everyone small surf out there knee to occasional thigh short period swell out there with SW Winds at 20mph with gusts into the upper 20s.