• Newport Area - Surf Report

RI, Newport Area Surf Report

16Oct 2017

Some small but fun surf out there. Thigh high with occasional bigger sets at the right sandbar. Light offshore winds from the NW nice and glassy go get it!!

14Oct 2017

Good morning everyone small waves out there knee-thigh with some slightly bigger sets. Light onshore winds at the moment less than 5mph just making the crest a little crumbly.

12Oct 2017

Good morning everyone we have small surf out there knee high+ with moderate Offshore winds 15mph with stronger gusts. Wind will increase later into the afternoon and swell will build and hopefully reach sets up to waist high.

11Oct 2017

Good morning everyone we have some small rollers coming in knee-thigh with some possible waist highs at the right sandbar with an incoming tide. Light N winds around 8mph beautiful morning. Grab a log and have fun!

10Oct 2017

Good morning everyone we have some small clean surf out there knee-thigh + clean with light offshore winds. Some smog rolling in for this morning which could be good for some sick photos. Winds will slowly rotate more south throughout the day. Waves will stay the same height.

07Oct 2017

Good morning everyone small surf out there knee+ light onshore winds less than 5mph. Waves will increase to thigh high at the end of today and the wind will be coming more from the S.