• Newport Area - Surf Report

RI, Newport Area Surf Report

21Aug 2017

Good morning everyone the waves are unfortunately gone. Pretty flat but some small rollers no bigger than knee high with light offshore winds.

19Aug 2017

Good morning Newport we still have some fun surf out there in the Waist-chest range bigger sets at the right sandbar. Winds are light from the SW so little texture on the surface. Wind will slowly start shifting more S throughout the day.

18Aug 2017

Good morning Newport sorry I didn’t post yesterday I was caught up in a bunch of things but waves today are anywhere from thigh-stomach with occasional bigger sets on the incoming tide. Winds are onshore all day around 10mph from the SSE.

16Aug 2017

Good morning Newport! We finally have some stellar surf out there waves are currently solid chest high with light offshore winds from the WNW at 5mph. Swell will build to head to a couple feet overhead on the sets and wind will continue to blow from the WNW until late afternoon and then winds will […]

15Aug 2017

Goood morning Newport fun waves out there waist high+ clean with light to moderate Offshore winds. Winds will pick up offshore slightly for the afternoon then die off again in the evening.

08Aug 2017

Good morning Newport small surf out there knee-thigh with light offshore winds around 10mph from the N. Swell will build throughout the day to waist-stomach high and wind will come from the NW.