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Sunset Yoga & Paddleboarding

Yoga & Paddleboarding Classes - The purpose of yoga is to build strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body. Beach Yoga encourages overall health and wellness, has many faces, promotes Strength training and flexibility, builds muscles, Powers the core. Come join us on beautiful Nantasket Beach in Hull, Massachusetts with some of the top certified Yoga instructors in our area. We put our name Northeast Surfing behind these programs because we believe in a healthier lifestyle for everyone. So why not beach yoga and paddleboard together? Yoga will prepare you for our safe stable paddle boards. 

With the fast-growing sport of stand up paddleboarding (SUP) being an easy way play in New England, rivers, bays, and surf. With simply a board and paddle, you can float along all waters. Paddleboarding offers an amazing full body workout and is becoming a favorite cross-training activity for surfers, kiteboarders, wakeboarders, skiers, snowboarders and other athletes. And since you're standing at full height, views are excellent as you gaze upon sea creatures to the horizon. It's almost like walking on water! We can teach you the right way whether you want to ride waves or paddle through flat oceans. 

Dinner or lunch is included - with some of these programs brought for you by the sponsor of our Live Hull Surf Camera on Nantasket Beach in Hull, Hulls Kitchen.

Timeline - The Yoga is a 45 minute class on the beach and paddleboarding is a 45 minute class on the ocean, after take your time eating at the comfortable surf shop tables indoors or outdoors with free wifi. 

Thursday nights 6:00pm Classes.

Jan Murray, Kripalu Yoga Teacher, L.P.T.A. ACE Trainer, Owner The Center For Movement Weymouth. With my belief that nature cures and my passion for health and wellness, I embrace this opportunity offered to me by Northeast Surfing to teach yoga and strength training on the beach along with my co-worker Laura McEvoy with open arms. I am excited to teach you how to align your body, listen and feel so that you may find that joy and happiness that comes with mindful movement and exercise. You will become stronger, move better, and find that inner athlete that lives within you. Moving mindfully lifts our mood and leads us to a path of better health ands healing, and of course better paddleboarding. I hope you will join Laura and me on Thursday evenings for an uplifting class that will make Fridays “easy breezy. More more info please go to my webite: www.thecenterformovementweymouth  Healthfully, Jan Murray.



Laura McEvoy M.Ed. / RYT /Director: The Center For Movement Weymouth -Creator of YO GLOW (Yoga for Girls) Through yoga and meditation, Laura will teach you how to sit with self and take in the beauty of Nantasket Beach’s shoreline on a summer’s eve.   You will reap the benefits of not only a peaceful and stress less mind but work on the yoga poses that strengthen the hips, legs and core, all of which are important to paddle boarding  and participating  in all summer activities. You will find Laura’s class to be uplifting and light~ The perfect way to recharge for that last workday of the week! All levels welcome!

Friday Nights

Book Friday nights with Serene Yoga
 & Northeast Surfing Paddleboarding. Serena found yoga over 15 years ago when she was actively seeking a life changing way to calm her mind. She knew it was for her the day she tried her first class - she was in love. Yoga allowed her to be herself without judgement, stress or outside demand. She began practicing daily - living the importance of time, breathing exercises and checking in with both body and mind. The beach and the ocean are where she finds peace which is perfect for practicing getting grounded on her mat. Serena owns a semi private studio located in Stoughton. She also teaches group classes at her satellite studio in Hull. She has run yoga retreats both locally and internationally. She is also a certified Thai massage, Reiki, CPR, First Aid and yoga instructor e-ryt 200. She has made an art form out of her passion.

During Sunset Beach Yoga, she will start the class with a strong emphasis on breath while allowing your body and mind to relax. As you move through the practice she will touch strongly on balance, strength and flexibility - perfect for any level, beginners are welcome! You will close out your practice with a very relaxing savasana and breathing meditation. This will allow you to be comfortably ready to begin your paddleboard lesson with John - fully relaxed, clearheaded, focused with improved strength and balance. (Serene Yoga Website Here.)

Paddleboard Instructors.

NSSIA (National Surf Schools & Instructors Association Certified and Accredited Northeast Surfing John McInerney Surf & Paddleboard Instructor. Professional LifeGuard, Aquatic First Responder, CPR, AED & First Aid Certified, CORI, SORI Checked and co-owner of Northeast Surfing. John has been out on the ocean for over 45 years and is a surfer, paddleboarder and windsurfer. His life is the ocean with years of experience and training. John learn from the very best professional surfer, paddleboarder and NSSIA Director Peter Pan