Payment Instructions

    This is your confirmation EMAIL. Please make your payment instructions below. Any problems with your forms or space we will email you. Read below for information on your payment. You will receive no further contact from us unless you join the Academy Newsletter to the right on this page.

    ONLINE PAYMENTS: Once we receive your form and confirm your space we will email you a payment for that is very easy to use and make payment. This can take between five minutes and an hour sometimes longer. But payment must be made today if you selected online payment. We accept all major credit and debit cards. 

    • Making Safe Online Payment: We will email you a link to pay online today. Please pay right away. 
    • PayPal: We will send you a PayPal invoice today, please pay right away. 
    • Mail Payment today: Mail today please time is sensitive. Northeast Surfing llc - 171 Manomet Ave, Hull, MA, 02045.
    • Credit from last year: You are on a list and are all set. Any issues we will contact you.
    • PAID Holiday Gift: You are on a list and are all set. 

    Your Space is NOT 100% Reserved Until Payment is Made.

    Northeast Surfing 

    1. Northeast Surfing Cooperate Office: Northeast Surfing llc - 171 Manomet Ave, Hull, MA, 02045. Phone: (781) 242-0239 Fax: (781) 773-1193.
    2. Northeast Surfing Shop: 540 Nantasket Ave, Hull, MA, 02045. (781) 925-9283
    3. Northeast Surfing Academy & School: 99 Hull Shore Drive, Hull, MA, 02045. (617) 297-7873

    Mail or Fax Forms. Or bring in on the Monday of your students Academy/ Camp. Phone: Email Us Here With Questions.

    Join "Academy Newsletter" Please it is how we contact you.

    Please Read? FORMS NEEDED 

    Two Forms Needed: Both Due by the Monday of the week class. You can bring on the Monday or Mail, Fax today.

    • Disclaimer Form - Print Here
    • (Youth Only) Immunization Forms - Get From Your Doctor. (Form for School. Camp/School Form)


    Whats To Expect Next?

    This email is your conformation. If there is any issues with space or your form we will email you. If you don't hear form us your all set. The next step is your payment to make sure you have your students spot 100% reserved. Read payment area of this page. After payment we will send a newsletter out in late May as a reminder. Please remember the dates and times you picked for your youths academy camp. Save this page for your records. 

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    Attention: Northeast Surfing Academy and Camp Meets near 99 Hull Shore Drive, Hull, MA, 02045.